Audi Pre Sense in New London

Audi Pre Sense New London

The Audi Pre Sense System: Redefining Active Safety in New London

Since their inception over a century ago, Audi has remained steadfastly committed to ensuring the utmost safety of their drivers. Utilizing the latest in technological advances, modern Audi models boast the seamless integration of the Audi Pre Sense safety suite for an unhindered yet safe driving experience for drivers across New London and Hartford. With a massive array of active driver assistance features packed within every iteration of the Audi pre sense suite, drivers receive the utmost confidence throughout their travels of unhindered safety - recognized on numerous models with an NHTSA safety rating.

Utilizing high-strength construction methods alongside an advanced array of sensors and predictive systems, the Audi pre sense systems continuously analyze everything from road conditions to surrounding vehicles both seen and unseen to predict and prevent collisions while maximizing handling through a series of driver assistance systems. Whether you're commuting between Westerly and Warwick, or running errands throughout Groton, an Audi pre sense-equipped model provides drivers and passengers alike with an unparalleled degree of safety and security throughout their travels.

Audi Pre Sense Groton

Integrated Features of Audi Pre Sense

  • Turn Assist: The turn assist system utilizes an array of radar sensors positioned in the front of your vehicle that continuously scan lanes of oncoming traffic before you make a turn. Engaged while your vehicle is either at a standstill or traveling up to 6 miles per hours, the turn assist system can identify an oncoming vehicle likely to collide with your Audi, and immediately apply pressure to the break to prevent your vehicle from leaving its driving lane - effectively avoiding collision, and informing the driver via an indicator on their interior display.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: An innovative feature found on numerous Audi models, the adaptive cruise control system provides commuters and drivers on lengthy road trips with comfort and relief - monitoring traffic in front of your vehicle and adjusting your Audi's speed accordingly to maintain a safe travel distance. Driver-controlled through five selectable distances and covering on select models up to the entire speed range alongside a Stop&Go function for utilization even at a complete standstill, the adaptive cruise control system enhances your Audi's driving experience drastically by alleviating stress while traveling long distances.
Audi Pre Sense Westerly
  • Adaptive Cruise Assist: Utilizing many of the systems found on adaptive cruise control, Adaptive Cruise Assist doesn't just manage your vehicle's speed - it can also automatically steer your vehicle to remain within its driving lane! Utilizing laser, ultrasonic and radar sensors, the adaptive cruise assist system permanently monitors your vehicle's surroundings to ensure maximal safety while guiding your vehicle throughout the duration of your travels.

  • Audi Active Lane Assist: From 40 miles per hour and on, the Audi active lane assist system utilizes a camera to detect driving lanes - helping drivers to keep their model within their driving lane without deviation. Driver-selectable to determine how quickly the system kicks in, the Audi active lane assist system makes navigating during nighttime and instances of low-visibility less stressful and far easier.
  • Audi AI Traffic Jam Pilot: An advanced and innovative system developed by Audi to assist daily commuters in navigating poor traffic conditions, the Audi AI traffic jam pilot engages when certain criteria are met - taking complete control of your vehicle, keeping it within your lane while accelerating, steering, stopping and braking alongside other vehicles, allowing you to sit back and relax.

Audi Pre Sense Options

The Audi pre sense systems come available in a variety of different configurations - each covering different areas of your vehicle, to allow for complete personalization of your Audi's active driver assistance features to better suit your driving style and surroundings. The available systems are:

  • Audi Pre Sense 360
  • Audi Pre Sense Basic
  • Audi Pre Sense Front / Audi Pre Sense City
  • Audi Pre Sense Rear
  • Audi Pre Sense Side

Hoffman Audi of New London: Learn More About the Audi Pre Sense Systems

Stop by our dealership to learn more about the variety of Audi pre sense technologies found on numerous new Audi models with the assistance of a sales professional. Committed to the utmost confidence and safety of our drivers, Hoffman Audi of New London proudly offers a variety of models equipped with the numerous features found within the variety of Audi pre sense systems offered. Give us a call to inquire about models equipped with Audi pre sense today!


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