New Audi Leasing in New London

Lease a vehicle

Leasing a vehicle allows you to drive the newest models without committing to ownership. With a variety of lease options, you can choose the term and mileage that best fits your lifestyle and payment needs.


Ownership: When you lease a vehicle, you do not own it. You pay to use it during the term of your lease, allowing you to drive the latest models.


Payment: Since you pay for the vehicle's depreciation, plus applicable taxes and fees, instead of the purchase price, you can drive a premium vehicle for less than you might with financing over a similar term.


About Audi Leasing in New London

If you plan on driving your vehicle every day for years and years to come, buying your new Audi may be the best bet. However, if you'd like to have the best technology and the most modern style every couple years as you go about your daily drives, then leasing an Audi with our skilled financial team is right for you.

The benefits of leasing a new vehicle are that you'll have the newest and greatest while paying less overall than you would if you were buying a vehicle. Instead of paying full price, you'll only pay the difference between the initial price and the value of the vehicle at the end of the lease, so you get more car for a lower price every time. Whether you've had your eye on the A3, A4, A6, Q5, or any other gorgeous vehicle in our lineup, we'll help you get in the driver's seat easily and affordably.

Quick Leasing Benefits:

  • Trade in your vehicle every few years for a new Audi model
  • Flexible terms and lower monthly payments, on average, that fit to meet your budgeting needs
  • Have the option of buying your Audi vehicle at the end of the lease

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