It's That Time of Year Again -- Let Hoffman Audi of New London Take Care of All Your Spring Auto Service Needs

March winds are fast bringing April showers, and we all know what that means here in southeastern CT -- bringing that new Audi A4 sedan or Q5 SUV up to snuff for a new season of drive-time enjoyment. Whether that's with a bit of regular service, the latest round of factory-scheduled maintenance, or even a minor car repair or two, the expertly certified auto service technicians here at our Audi service center in New London will be delighted to assist. Before you make the trip, though, you're welcome to take advantage of a few pieces of advice on what to look out for and expect as far as common spring service needs are concerned.

For one, take a look at your under-hood components, from engine to belts, hoses, and coolant. Note any brittleness or wear in the connections and the levels and age in the latter. Ensuring it's all in order can mean not only the operational green light but also avoiding an overheat as temps rise.

Next, review your wiper blades for any cracking or wear that may have occurred owing to ice and debris buildup, and while you're at it, note any other issues with your windshield, too. It's a good idea to stay ahead of spring weather demands by replacing anything necessary.

Further, check your tire pressure. It can decrease as cold air contracts during the winter months, and as things warm up again, pressure can once again rise. If it does so past Audi specs, it can adversely affect driving a model like the new Audi A3 as well as its stellar fuel efficiency.

Finally, but surely not all, be sure to get your alignment and suspension inspected, as a deep freeze can negatively affect both, especially if you and a new Audi Q7 have frequently traveled over pothole-specked asphalt or rugged terrain. Misalignment or suspension problems can lead to damaged components, premature wear on tires, issues with steering, and even a decrease in fuel efficiency. Your alignment ought to be checked about every 6,000 miles, and it's a good idea to have your suspension checked at the same time, though, as needs arise, you can also do it about every 15,000 miles or so.

These are only a cross-section of a good auto repair to-do list for the spring season. But no matter what work you may need, we're here to help, and we'll be delighted to bring you in for a service visit. If you're pressed for time, we even make it easy to take advantage of an available time slot right from the comfort of home -- just take a moment to fill out a few bits of info on our handy form. Then, be sure to stop by and see us here at 490 Broad Street, and we'll be sure to deliver the quality of service you and your Audi car or SUV deserve!


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