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In our December blog post, we answered three common service questions:

  1. How will I know if I need brake repair or replacement?
  2. What's the benefit to properly inflated tires? If there's air in there, they're okay, right?
  3. How often should I have my oil changed?
Go ahead and check out the other post for answers to the above, but if you're ready to learn a little more about Audi service and maintenance, check out the below. We're continuing the tradition, answering three more common service questions we get from folks here in the Hartford, CT area.




Three More Common Service Questions, Answered:

Here are three more questions we wanted to cover last month:

  1. Q—Why Is My Check Engine Light On?
    A—While a check-engine light doesn't always mean you need to pull off the road and call for Roadside Assistance, it is a serious sign you should pay attention to. For a full list of reasons your check-engine light might be on in your particular Audi model, refer to your owner's manual. In general, however, some common causes could be related to your vehicle's exhaust system, it could indicate something as simple as a loose gas cap, or it could be related to a serious problem. Whenever you see a yellow or red check-engine light, it's a good idea to schedule an appointment with us to have a professional perform a diagnostic assessment to determine the problem so we can fix it.
  2. Q—How Often Should I Replace My Windshield Wiper Blades?
    A—As a general recommendation, you should replace your wiper blades every six or so months. Some signs that your blades could use replacement aside from time: cracking, drying out, separating from the wiper arm, crumbling, or rips and tears.
  3. Q—What Are Signs That My Car Battery Needs to Be Replaced?
    A—Your battery is crucial to the operation of your vehicle, so if you're experiencing any of the following symptoms, it could indicate an issue with your car battery and could require a replacement: your dashboard warning light is illuminated; your engine is slow to turn over or start; your vehicle's other electrical components (windows, seats, radio, headlights, etc.) are having trouble, or; there is a weird, rotten-egg smell coming from under the hood. Thankfully, our Parts Department and Service Center can handle the job. Don't wait until your battery dies, schedule your service if you notice the signs!

Hopefully now drivers here in New London and our neighbors from Groton, Westerly, Hartford, CT and Warwick, RI feel a little more empowered when it comes to understanding their Audi vehicle maintenance. If you have any maintenance needs—like the ones covered above or otherwise—we want to be your go-to Audi Service Center for all your automotive needs, so let our professionally trained techs take a look if you notice your check engine light is on or you're seeking a battery replacement!

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