“Quattro” Means “Four,” So Here Are Four Facts About Audi’s Quattro® All-Wheel Drive You Might Not Have Known:

Here at Hoffman Audi of New London, it should come as no surprise that we’re big fans of all things Audi, and that certainly includes Audi’s legendary all-wheel drive (AWD) system: Audi quattro®. Being that the quattro® system is nearly ubiquitous with the Audi lineup, we wanted to drop some knowledge about this legendary system, and in a way only fitting of the system itself—a quartet of facts about Audi’s quattro® all-wheel drive system.



Four Fast Facts About Audi Quattro®:

  1. The first Audi quattro® system appeared in 1980 on the permanently four-wheel drive Audi Quattro, a standalone rally car model. Since then, ‘quattro®’ has come to refer to Audi’s all-wheel drive system, and that’s why you’ll see it spelled with a lower-case ‘q,’ giving a nod to the model from which it takes its name.
  2. Not all Audi quattro® systems are the same! Though they’re generally performing the same feats, Audi engineers each quattro® system to optimize the drive of the particular model its intended for. That means the quattro® system available on the Audi Q5 isn’t the same as the one utilized in the Audi RS8.
  3. Available torque vectoring supports the quattro® system by braking the inside wheel or wheels during cornering, instead sending that torque to the outside wheels, helping the car turn more efficiently and improving handling.
  4. Available sport differential (available on most S and RS models) takes things a step further, not just sending power to the outside wheels while cornering, but also accelerating those wheels up to 10% faster than normal, helping the maximize cornering performance—exactly what you want out of a performance Audi.


They say that knowledge is power, but if given the choice, we’d take Audi’s quattro® system proper over the knowledge—but that’s just us. You can decide for yourself by coming to see us in our Hartford area showroom and test driving one of our Audi quattro® equipped Audi models. Then you’ll have both knowledge and power—a win-win.

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