This Quick Advert Shows Why Standard Audi Pre-Sense® City on the 2018 Audi Q5 is So Important

Few luxury automakers are as committed to safety as Audi is, and one way the four-ring automaker shows its dedication to vehicle safety is by giving you crucial driver assistance features as part of the standard package, not as expensive add-ons or only available in costly upper trims. On the 2018 Audi Q5 and the rest of the 2018 Audi lineup, Audi Pre-Sense® Basic is standard (as is Audi Pre-Sense® City on the Q5). Audi doesn’t put a price on safety, because your life and the lives of your family and friends are irreplaceable, so with the Audi Q5, safety comes standard.

As the video above so deftly illustrates, life comes at you fast, and sometimes, life changing events can occur in mere seconds—sometimes, life ending events can occur in mere seconds—which is why the importance of Audi Pre-Sense® Basic and Audi Pre-Sense® City are so hard to overstate.

Audi Pre-Sense® Basic & Audi Pre-Sense® City: What’s Included?

Audi Pre-Sense® Basic and Audi Pre-Sense® City give you crucial driver assistance tools for dealing with some of the more difficult on-road situations:

  • If Audi Pre-Sense® basic detects an imminent collision, the system can actually begin to prepare the vehicle for impact. It does this by closing side windows and any sunroofs, engaging the front safety belts in pretensioning, and readying the brake system to respond quickly during an emergency maneuver.
  • With Audi Pre-Sense® City, the system, a dash-mounted sensor can help detect both still and moving pedestrians or vehicles in your line of travel at speeds up to 52 mph. If an obstacle is detected, the system issues a visual and audible warning, and if a collision is deemed imminent, the system can apply the full braking power of the vehicle on your behalf in an attempt to avoid or lessen the severity of any resulting collision.

A lot can happen in just fifteen seconds, like the ad above demonstrates. Don’t get caught out there on the road without backup—allow us to set you and your family up with the handsome, powerful, and intelligently safe 2018 Audi Q5, arriving standard with Audi Pre-Sense® Basic and Audi Pre-Sense® City. Visit us at Hoffman Audi of New London to take one for a spin and we know you’ll fall head over heels for its handsome good looks, invigorating drive-feel, and standard safety offering!

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