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Here's a Quick FAQ for Three of Our Most-Asked Service & Maintenance Questions:



And in reference to the above tweet—you can't use Fido as an excuse to skip service and maintenance any longer! After you read these FAQs, be sure to schedule a service appointment and check it off your To-Do List.

Three FAQs About Audi Service & Maintenance:

Not all of us can be mechanics and Audi experts, so if there's a service question you have, don't be ashamed to ask it! Here are our top three FAQs:

  1. Q—How Will I Know If I Need Brake Repair/Replacement?
    A—Whenever you come in for service at Hoffman Audi of New London, our technicians give your vehicle a once-over, checking the brakes and other crucial components, too. If they spot something, they'll let you know! But there can be signs of wear and tear that you yourself could notice. These include squeaking or squealing when you press the breaks, or a sluggish feeling when you stop.
  2. Q—What's the Benefit to Properly Inflated Tires? If There's Air In There, They're Okay, Right?
    A—Not always! Just because you're not riding on rims doesn't mean everything is peachy-keen. In order to maintain proper traction, handling, and other basic functions, your tires should be properly inflated, and under-inflated tires can actually reduce your fuel efficiency. Over-inflated tires are a problem, too, so be sure to use the recommended PSI in your Owner's Manual when adjusting tire pressure—or better yet, allow our expert Audi technicians to handle it for you!
  3. Q—How Often Should I Have My Oil Changed?
    A—This one actually depends on a few factors, including the model you're driving, it's recommended oil-change interval, the type of oil you're using (natural vs. synthetic), how often you drive, the conditions you drive in, and your individual driving style. So, there's no one answer to this question. That said, your Audi Owner's Manual will recommend the oil-change interval for your model, and if you have questions beyond that based on how you drive or the conditions you're in, speak to one of our Audi techs!
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