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What Is the Audi Winter Wheel & Tire Package?

At our Audi dealership near Waterford, CT, we're proud of the vehicles we sell, and we know our customers take equal pride in the Audi models they call their own. After all, Audi vehicles are precision-engineered from top to bottom and deserve the very best. That's why we're glad to offer our customer Audi Tire & Wheel Protection with What Is Audi Tire & Wheel Protection?. What is Audi Tire & Wheel Protection? This coverage keeps your tires and wheels protected for up to seven years, so you'll be covered for any damage caused by road hazards like metal, nails, glass, debris or potholes. And with What Is Audi Tire & Wheel Protection?, you'll enjoy even more benefits! Learn all the details below, then contact Hoffman Audi of New London to find the new Audi of your dreams.

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What Is Audi Tire & Wheel Protection?

Audi Tire & Wheel Protection keeps you covered with a tire replacement if the tire becomes structurally damaged due to a covered road hazard. It also covers replacement of a wheel if road hazard damage prevents the wheel from sealing to the tire or maintaining manufacturer air pressure specifications. Other Audi Tire & Wheel Protection details include:

  • A $50 deductible will be applied per replacement claim, regardless of how many tires and/or wheels are being replaced at that time
  • Approved costs associated with the replacement of tires and/or wheels, including labor charges, mounting, balancing, valve stems, and taxes1
  • Covers replacement of OEM or aftermarket tires and wheels during your agreement term if they meet the manufacturer’s size specifications
  • Reimbursement of towing expenses up to $100 per occurrence in the event of covered road hazard damage
  • Transferable for a $50 fee if you sell your vehicle to a private party. Cancelable at any time; after 30 days, subject to a $50 fee2
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Optional Cosmetic Coverage

What does Optional Cosmetic Coverage include? Add this coverage to your Audi Tire & Wheel Protection to enjoy the following perks:

  • Cosmetic wheel repair for damage such as nicks and scrapes
  • Cosmetic wheel repair is limited to sanding, painting, or refinishing the wheel without the need to apply additional material or bend/straighten the wheel
  • Cosmetic wheel repair is limited to a total of eight (8) individual wheel repairs during the agreement term
  • No deductible for cosmetic repairs
  • Additional benefits include no mileage limitations and no limit to the number of structural damage claims

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