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Let Our Audi Certified Technicians Teach You More About Your Audi in New London

Are you like a lot of our New London, Groton, Westerly, Hartford, and Warwick customers who want to learn more about some of the finer points in owning a new Audi model, such as walk around videos, demonstrations, and general tips, then you have found the right page. Here, we will feature videos from our YouTube video channel that show you some important things to know for your vehicle, and all demonstrated by our service team who also happen to be Audi Certified Technicians which makes them the ideal people to be handling your vehicle. They have received specialized training to qualify them to work on your vehicle.

View these videos, and let us know if you have any questions because our staff here at Hoffman Audi of New London are dedicated to showing our New London, Groton, Westerly, Hartford, and Warwick customers the best service possible, whether you are buying a new car or having yours taken care of. You can view these quick videos and let us know if you have any questions.

Hoffman Audi of New London Introduction

Who are we, and what are we here for? Well, we will tell you in our quick introductory video, so check it out and get in touch when you have an automotive need.

2016 Audi Q3 Walk Around

In this video, our Audi certified technicians show you a brief walk around of the 2016 Audi Q3, which is a crossover SUV with so much more than room to offer our New London, Groton, Westerly, Hartford, and Warwick customers. Check it out.

Lock/Unlock Audi With No Hands

Have you ever wondered how to lock or unlock your Audi model without using your hands? It seems ludicrous, but it is indeed possible, and thanks to our talented service team, you too can learn the benefits of this feature.

Quickly Open/Close Audi Windows

We know that you sometimes get busy and forget to close your windows upon reaching your destination, which is why our team is ready to show you how it is possible to open or close your windows without having to insert your key into the ignition and start it up. How? Watch our quick video to learn more.

Audi Gas Cap Rest

Never again worry about leaving your gas cap on the trunk of your Audi sedan, SUV, or coupe, because with the gas cap rest you can easily put it in a safe place for easy access. That way, when it's time to replace the cap and be on your way, you can be certain that you didn't leave it behind, on the roof, or have it drop off onto the pavement as you hit the highway.

2016 Audi A6 Walkaround

The 2016 Audi A6 is here and ready for our New London, Groton, Westerly, Hartford, and Warwick customers to enjoy. If you want a closer look at the model before deciding to take it for a test drive, view this quick walk around and get an idea of how it fits into your life.

Audi Hill Assist Demonstration

Hill starts might not come naturally for everyone, and sometimes it's been a long time since driver's education class, which is why our staff have demonstrated this seemingly simple task for our New London, Groton, Westerly, Hartford, and Warwick customers to have a quick recap.

Audi Top View Camera System

What exactly is a top view camera system and what does it mean to you? Now you can have these questions answered simply by watching this video and as always, let us know if you have any other questions we didn't touch on.

Audi Side Assist: Blind Spot Monitoring System

Audi Side Assist is a new feature that offers an extra set of eyes on you at all times so you can know if someone is in your blind spot. Want to learn more about this exceptional feature? Check out this video.

Programming Audi Memory Seats

You've seen the Audi memory seat listed in the list of numerous features, but how does it work and most importantly, how does one program them to remember your specific settings? Watch our video demonstration, and never again fight with your spouse about the way they sit in your Audi model.